Course Enrollment Requests


The Faculty of Computer and Informatics Engineering is only authorized to evaluate the requests for BLG/BLGE and ISE coded courses, which are offered by the lecturers of the faculty.

The courses with other codes (MAT, FIZ, KIM, EHB, KON, ELK, TUR, ATA etc.) are handled by related faculties.

Guideline for applications and rules:

Before the application, check the announcements, regulations and other rules from the web page of the ITU Registrar’s Office ( Applications inconsistent with these rules will not be considered.

Mandatory Courses: Students who apply for a mandatory course should satisfy all of the conditions listed below:

Corresponding course should be in the student’s curriculum for that semester.

The student should not have taken the course before or have taken the course but failed.

Students should prefer to fill their programs with the courses they can take.

Elective MT Courses: Students who apply for an elective MT course should satisfy all of the conditions listed below:

It should be impossible for the student to register to another elective course due to some conflicts. Students should first organize their programs to enroll in to available courses.

Students who apply for the elective courses of the 7th semester should have achieved at least 110 credits.

Students who apply for the elective courses of the 8th semester should be graduating by the end of that semester. If the student will graduate in the following semester, he/she should complete missing course/s in that following semester.

If there are not any elective courses in the following semester for the student, he/she can apply by explaining this situation in her request.

Priorities: Applications will be considered in the following priority:

If the credit achieved by the student is high

If the student’s chance of success for the course is higher due to the less number of courses registered by the student for that semester

If the student’s GPA is high

BLG courses offered by other departments: Some of the Computer Engineering courses (such as BLG 231E, BLG 252E, BLG 361E) are also offered by other departments for their own students. Although the codes of these courses are same, each department offers these courses with different methods by considering their students’ professional aims. Therefore, it is essential for the students of the Computer Engineering department to enroll in the courses offered by professors of their department.

Application and request: Students who satisfy the conditions above should submit their request by filling a web based form. They also should print this form, sign it and then deliver it to the Faculty of Computer and Informatics Engineering Student Affairs Office with a transcript and weekly schedule. The web address and application dates will be announced at the beginning of each semester.

It is impossible to evaluate applications after the deadline announced by the faculty.

Evaluation and Announcement: Applications are evaluated by the dean’s office and the department head’s office. Accepted and rejected applications will be announced in the web site of the faculty. Please check the web site within regular intervals for the results. Do not call the student affairs office for the status of your application.

Since the results are announced in the add-drop week, it will be possible for the students whose applications are rejected to register to other suitable courses together with their supervisors within that week.

Since it is not possible to unlimitedly increase the quota of courses, not all quota increase applications will succeed even if they satisfy application conditions. Thus, students are advised to re-arrange their program to register to available courses.

Enrollment to the course: Registration of students to the related courses whose applications are accepted is achieved by one of the two methods considering the workload of the ITU Registrar’s Office. The method to be followed is announced in each semester.

Quotas will be increased by the number of admitted students in the add/drop week. Students whose applications are accepted will register to the courses by themselves.

Admitted students’ applications will be sent to the ITU Registrar’s Office. Admitted students will be registered by the ITU Registrar’s Office.