Baykar Makina - Vision Engineer

A Silicon Valley startup led by an MIT engineers is working with local company Baykar Makina to build a world-class mapping mega drone. The drone will cover over 1000 square miles in a day, and be used to extract insights for many sectors including city management, construction, pipelines, power, roads, defense, and more. The solution will be the first in the world to map all of Istanbul in the matter of a few hours.

We are hiring a team of engineers to start immediately.

We are evaluating engineers in four categories: foundational knowledge, domain knowledge, communication and organization, and motivation.

All applications should be submitted to Baykar Makina.


Strong foundational knowledge in arithmetic, geometry, and best programming practices

Honest and organized thought process

Ability to work in Istanbul, Turkey (Hadımköy District)

Strongly Preferred

Aptitude in C++, computer vision / image processing

Degree from a challenging university degree program

Minimum of three years of programming experience

High motivation to become an effective engineer

Excellent communication and organizational skills

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